Lego Dimensions Cheat Codes

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As you know, cheat codes for games is a great and classic way for a fun and fast gameplay in any video game. Furthermore, completing all the missions seems to be easier and quicker when using these small codes.

And today, we’re going to talk about Lego Dimensions Cheat Codes that can help you play this cool game super-fast and super-easy. So, don’t hesitate anymore. Let’s start now!

Lego Dimensions Cheat Codes

Lego Dimensions Cheat Codes for all consoles

If you’re playing Lego Dimensions on PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One or Wii U, what you just do is to pause the game, enter Extras and choose Input Code, including:

  • JG17LG to receive 20,000 extra studs.
  • RY7P8Z to get “Dwarf’s Bounty” x2 stud multiplier.
  • JYJAFX to acquire rare Artifact Detector (finds minikits).
  • POWH42 to boost bursting.
  • 5MZ73E to own “The Way Of The Brick” fast building.
  • HY83NB to receive Faulty Flux Drive.

Aside from following these Lego Dimensions cheat codes above, we also mention all Red Brick locations that can offer you stunning effects while playing. Check out a list below instantly!



Red Brick Effect
The Lord of Rings World Dwarf’s Bounty x2 Studs
Ninjago World The Way Of The Brick Fast build
Legends OfChima World Master of CHI Double the amount of CHI
Scooby-Doo World Villian Disguises Give all primary level bosses a disguise
The Wizard Of Oz World We’re Off To See The Wizard Skips some animations and songs
The Simpson World All Hail King Homer Your character can find gold bricks or turn something to gold
Portal 2 World Aperture Enrichment Detector Quest detector
The LEGO Movie World Rare Artifact Detector (R.A.D.) Uncover minikits
Back To The Future World Faulty Flux Drive Vehicles get BTTF effects
DC Comics World DC Captions Comic book style captions
Jurassic World Pack Hunter The enemies will get Dino hats

Final verdict

Now, you’ve learned about the available Lego Dimensions Cheat Codes and how to use them for completing all the tasks easily and quickly. Let’s experience all and don’t forget to share with us your result. Or in case you find anything interesting, leave them in the box below now. We’re glad to see.