Lego Star Wars TCS Codes To Make Everything Easier

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lego star wars tcs codes 1

If you’re looking for Lego Star War TCS codes and ways to unlock unique features in the game, then you’ve come to the right page! This page will introduce to you a list of cheats, codes, tips, Easter eggs and other secrets for LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga on PC. Get ready to play and enjoy cross-over features that you never knew they exist in the game – for instance, do you know that you can buy Indiana John just by following several simple steps? No? Then it’s time to dig down the contents below!

lego star wars tcs codes 1

Indiana Jones Unlocking

This featured was discovered and brought to you buy gamer Dameon_777. In order to Unlock Indiana Jones, first you need to go to the bonus area in the Cantina. From there, go to the “Trailers” door. Finally, watch the trailer of Indiana Jones. After you’ve finished watching it, Indiana Jones will be available to buy for 50,000 studs.

Jedi Bowling

Brought to you by player Dameon_777, this hidden feature allows you to get some studs from a bowling ball. Here is how you get it:

First, go to the main room of the Cantina. Try to use the force on all of these blue glasses on the ground. Once you’ve got them all, a bowling ball will show up. The final step is to use the force on it and you will get some studs.

Bounty Hunter Missions

To have this feature available in the game, you need to buy all “Bounty Hunters” or “Bomb Throwers” in the shop to unlock Jabba the Hutt’s Bounty Hunter Mission room outside of the Cantina.

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New Town

By collecting fifty gold bricks throughout your journey, the New Town feature in the game can then be unlocked. After that, you can start building it in the “?” section at Mos Eisley Cantina.

Lego City

By collecting ten gold bricks throughout your journey, Lego City feature will be unlocked.

Anakin’s Flight

Collect thirty Gold Bricks throughout the game and a mission named Anakin’s Flight will be available for you. Once you’ve complete this hidden mission, a prize called The Naboo Starfighter will be given to you, this prize can be used elsewhere in the game.

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100% Completion

If you’re aiming to achieve 100% completion in the game, please note that completing every parts of the game isn’t the only thing you need to do. You will also need to buy everything – characters, extras, bricks and help items.

Unlock Characters & Extras

Below is a list of unlockable characters in the game along with Lego Star War TCS codes to unlock them.  These codes were brought to you by players SmilerAl, Topov81, Drakenhof, tat2doughboy. Just simply go to the Cantina, and access the codes command there. After that, types in the following Lego Star War TCS codes to get the characters you want.

Note: After you’ve inserted the codes, your wanted characters will only available in the shop and you still need an appropriate number of studs/points to buy them.

lego star wars tcs codes 4

ACK646 – Admiral Ackbar will be available

KPF958 – Battle Droid Commander will be available

GGF539 – Boba Fett Boy will be available

HHY697 – Boss Nass will be available

QRN714 – Captain Tarpals will be available

DDD748 – Count Dooku will be available

BRJ437 – Disguise

AAB123 – Droid Tri-Fighter will be available

EWK785 – Ewok will be available

CLZ738 – Force Grapple

PMN576 – General Grevious will be available

ZZR636 – Greedo will be available

Power Brick Codes

These Lego Star War TCS codes were contributed by Sadow_Strike and will help you unlock Power Brick features. In order to enable the effect you want, enter the codes below at the ‘Codes’ menu at the bar in the Cantina in Mos Eisley

NUJ866 – Enabling Inifinite Torpedos

HS9K44 – Enabling Invincibility

FBM152 – Enabling Minikit Detector

FBM834 – Enabling Power Brick Detector

VXZ123 – Enabling Score x10

HBF899 – Enabling Score x2

DQY857 – Enabling Score x4

NMP499 – Enabling Score x6

XXY99G – Enabling Score x8

VXZ193 – Enabling Stud Magnet


There are some unlockable ships in the game and below is the Lego Star War TCS codes to help you unlock them. In order to get the ship you want, enter these codes after going to Cantina.

lego star wars tcs codes 5

HUT845 – Unlocking Imperial Shuttle

DBH897 – Unlocking TIE Fighter

INT729 – Unlocking TIE Interceptor

AAB123 – Unlocking Tri Fighter

UUU875 – Unlocking Zam’s Speeder

The Ghost characters

As you complete the Story mode, you can unlock these Ghost characters then you can buy them. The ghost characters are invincible and they are ignored by the enemies (except when in vehicles). Is it cool?

lego star wars tcs codes 6

The Slave 1

When you complete all these 36 Mini-kit collection missions, you can unlock the Slave 1 in all the game’s vehicle-based levels. Remember it!

Arcade Master achievement

You need to use 2 controllers, and then enter the Arcade mode. Note that one player play as any droid and do not have guns in your hands. And you must have an extra where your droid explodes. The other person can play any character. Go to duel, and then set your target off. Enter the game, and make sure that your characters are as far away as you can to avoid getting blown up. And keep doing this until you guys get enough 100 points.

The Cutscenes

Very easy! Try to collect all these Gold Bricks to unlock the option which allows you to watch all these cutscenes at Cantina.

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