Super Metroid Cheat Codes

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As the third installment in the Metroid series, Super Metroid has continued attracting lots of gamers thanks to its new and exciting gameplay. However, accomplishing the major task in this side-scrolling action-adventure game is not an easy job. That’s why we will introduce a list of available Super Metroid Cheat Codes today. All these codes are actually necessary since they can help you complete each particular task, offer stunning effects and lots of great things.

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Super Metroid Cheat Codes

So, now, allow us to show you all!

A quick glance at Super Metroid Cheat Codes

Before using the Super Metroid Cheat Codes below, you need to activate 2 prerequisite codes including DD6A-C7DF and FA68-4760. Then continue following us and remember to take note of all the codes below!



Cheat codes
Receive 500 energy tanks E767-FAAD & DF67-FA6D
Receive 700 energy tanks 8867-FAAD & D467-FA6D
Receive 1000 energy tanks 3567-FAAD & D767-FA6D
Receive 1200 energy tanks CE67-FAAD & D067-FA6D
Receive 1500 energy tanks 2867-FAAD & D967-FA6D
Gain ball D06F-FA6D
Gain ball and Varia suit D96F-FA6D
Gain ball, Varia suit, and spring ball D56F-FA6D
Gain ball, Varia suit, spring ball, and gravity ball 456F-FA6D
Gain ball, Varia suit, spring ball, gravity suit, and screw attack 4E6F-FA6D
Obtain wave beam DF6F-F26D
Obtain wave and ice beam D76F-F26D
Obtain wave, ice, spazer, and charge beam D56F-F26D
Win X-ray 6D6F-FA0D & 6D6F-FAAD
Win X-ray and a bomb BD6F-FA0D & BD6F-FAAD
Win X-ray and grapple AD6F-FA0D & AD6F-FAAD
Win X-ray, grapple, and bomb 2D6F-FA0D & 2D6F-FAAD
Win X-ray, grapple, bomb, and boots E76F-FA0D & E76F-FAAD
Acquire bomb FD6F-FAAD
Acquire bomb and high jump boots FF6F-FAAD
Acquire bomb, high jump boots, and speed boots 7F6F-FAAD
Acquire bomb and all boots 776F-FAAD
Receive hyper gun 62C5-14A6
Establish game timer to zero for best ending DD60-FE6D& 7E09E000
Establish maximum missiles to 200 A667-F26D
Establish maximum super bombs to 50 7467-FE6D
Establish maximum super missiles to 50 7467-F36D
Make foreground sprites invisible 37B0-3FDD
Jump higher F4BC-C067
Begin the game with the hyper beam 7E0A7780
Gain 250 missiles 7E09C6FA
Gain 99 super missiles 7E09CA63
Gain 99 super bombs 7E09CE63
Get unlimited super bombs 3CA4-450D
Get unlimited missiles C288-C5A7
Get unlimited super missiles C28A-C9D7
Get unlimited health 7E09C27E
Get unlimited energy 7E090002 & C27E0432
Red super bomb explosion 6FB6-CFAD
Immorality C225-3005


Try to experience all of Super Metroid Cheat Codes above so that you can complete this action game efficiently. And of course, don’t forget to follow our upcoming articles on this site to find more cool cheat codes for some popular games. Or if you have any inquiries, just ask us and get our reply within 24 hours.