Super Mario Maker cheats – secret guidelines and instructions for Mario Games.

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Super Mario Maker, which was introduced by Nintendo EAD, is a famous video game with single-player mode available to join in Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. The players will create their own courses depending on Super Mario World and Super Mario 3 in order to share with their online friends to play together. As the game progress, more new challenges and tools will come. To describe the gameplay, Mario character is a protagonist; he has to discover the frictional world, fight against the enemies, surpass the obstacles, and gather coins. Each level has its unique difficulty and Mario have to overcome all levels to be able to rescue the Princess Peach. In reality, this game is very popular towards many people, which is played by 600 million times in May 2016. However, this worldwide game should have carried many mysteries and unknown objectives, which make the players find it hard to overcome. Therefore, in this paper, Super Mario Maker cheats and methods supporting for this game will be proposed

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  • CRT TV Mode for all styles:

If the game is loading a new level, please keep the D-Pad and click the button A & B simultaneously. In case of using Wii mode, you have to press 1 & 2 instead of A & B. After doing that, the CRT TV screen will be displayed.

  • Mario Paint Fly squatting game:

When the players erase the block of three mosquitoes and a muncher monster, let’s kill them quickly by tapping. After killing them successfully, the Mario Paint Fly squatting game will appear. However, you have to try several times to reach this level by finding the right block to remove.

  • Unlocking Expert Mode in 100 Mario Challenge:

All you have to complete is to defeat Normal mode. It is the simplest cheat towards other Super Mario Maker cheats.

  • Unlock Board Pieces Quickly:

Using your existing pieces and select each piece once only until the announcement requiring more pieces comes, then choose a simple assemble item (coin for example) and fulfill the board by them. The new pieces will come within 1 or 2 minutes and you have to do this for about 1 hour to complete this task.

  • Title screen Easter Egg:

In front of the interface, you touch the Super Mario caption’s letters to receive something different from each letter such as spawning enemies, take off the rocket after a countdown, and coins.

  • Costume changing text:

The most exciting cheat in the Super Mario Maker cheats series. If you surpass the final level in 10 or 100 Mario Challenge, you will face Toad or the Princess. The original costumes you wear will bring you other kinds of responses. The Toad will be stressed out when being helped as Bowser, while the Peach Princess surprise by that. Therefore, you should dress Toad clothes while assists the Toad and you will be called “Captain”.

  • Alternate Stage End Music in Super Mario World:

Bowser/Mushroom SFX tool is suggested to change the soundtrack. If you are in the Super Mario World stage while Bonus stage (Mushroom) background music is turned on, you will be rewarded the “Bonus Stage Clear” theme replacing for the original one.

  • Fighter Fly Costume

With the aim of unlocking Fighter Fly Mystery Mushroom Costume, you have to update Super Mario Maker and join Hard Mode of Gnat Attack.

  • Change on Screen Hand

Go to edit section, tap a stick to see a box, then tap the left stick to get the right hand and the right stick to get the left hand.

  • Meet the doorman:

If you set a door and click on it, then the knock back’s sound will happen several times. Replying with the same previous numbers of times for among 4-5 rounds, and the door and a character will open for you.

  • Gnat Attack Hard Mode:

For an updated version 1.2, if a muncher is shaken in a requiring period of time regardless of the fly’s show up, the huge fly Yaniga will come. Tap on it to beat it and you will open the Fighter Fly costume used by the Mystery Mushroom.

  • Unlocking Super Expert Mode in 100 Mario Challenge:

To unlock it, you have to surpass Expert mode in the version 1.4. Overall, it is not a special cheat in the collection of Super Mario Maker cheats, it is just an obvious step that you have to surpass in the game.

  • Unlock Amiibo Costumes:

Play 100 Mario Challenge to gain Amiibo costume instead of buying it. However, it is not an easy cheat compared to other Super Mario Maker cheats because you have to play from easy, normal, expert, and super expert in this challenge.

  • Skinny Mario Mushroom:

Passing all Nintendo world championship levels and reach the Level Creator. Doing that and you will be able to shake the mushroom to gain the skinny mushroom.

  • All Shook Up:

Shaking your objects and see their unique responses. For example, the Goombas will retract and move out of the touchscreen, or the Koopa enemy will change its color.